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Becca's Story....

One of the best parts of my job is assisting adoptees locate & communicate with birthparents that they may have never met--and know nothing about. For some insight to what reunions are really like, read the words below. This is why I love what I do!


My name is Becca, I’m 20 years old, and I love telling this story. In August of 2009, I decided that I wanted to find my biological parents. I had been seriously thinking about this and talking to my parents about it for about a year. I filled out state paperwork, prayed, and hoped for the best. I kept it to myself – only telling a couple close friends. Time passed, and I received an email from Janelle Basham. She informed me that she would be helping me along the way with this process.

Prior to this process, all I knew about my adoption was my biological mother’s first name, my birthday, how old she was when I was born, and how much I weighed. …Not much! I wrote a brief letter to Janelle, introducing myself to my birth parents, and telling them about me. I also attached some pictures. On October 16, I remember opening my email, and reading one from Janelle. The beginning read, “Just wanted to let you know that I just had two amazing conversations with both Jamie (your birth father) and Stacy (birth mom). They are beyond excited…” I vividly remember reading that line – I screamed! …And I cried. I had no idea what my biological father’s name was!! Knowing a NAME was such a big step, and knowing that they were ‘beyond excited’ was even better. I immediately called the few people that knew about my situation, and went out and celebrated. It was an awesome day.

The following day, I went to check my email. I LOVED seeing Janelle Basham in my inbox... and that day the subject in her email was “Note from Stacy to Becca.” Yes!!! This was my first of many emails from my biological mother. Her email was full of excitement and emotion. I swear that I read it about twenty times that night. I printed it off and took it everywhere I went.

Four days later, I got an email from Janelle… subject: “Note from Jamie to Becca.” Getting emails like this from her was better than anything. Not kidding! Jamie’s email was so eye opening… from the little I told about myself in my first letter to them, Jamie and I were already very similar. We are both EMT’s, both working in the restaurant business (I’m a server, he is a Chef), and we’re both adopted!! Very cool.

For about a month after that, I would email Stacy and Jamie via Janelle numerous times a week. I even got to see pictures of them, which was so amazing. I look exactly like Jamie – minus the fact that he’s bald, and has a beard. I can’t find words to describe it. It was so exciting to get emails from them… I remember taking my laptop to class, just so I wouldn’t miss an email.

November 2009. Three months after I began this process. The 11th was the day I received Stacy and Jamie’s contact information. WOW. . . What a day. I talked to them on the phone!! Talking to each of them was very different and awesome. I remember Stacy being very happy and emotional, and Jamie being cool as a cucumber. I talked to Jamie like I had known him all my life. Stacy and I talked about my parents, and my childhood. Talking to my birth parents was incredible. I can’t describe how awesome it was – definitely a day I’ll never, ever forget. ☺

As if talking to my birth parents wasn’t awesome enough, meeting them was one thousand times better. Two days before thanksgiving, I was at work. A friend of mine, Ashley, came in to score some free food from me, and to keep me company. The restaurant was locked, and she was still there. I assured her that I’d see her when I was done cleaning up, and that she didn’t have to stay. She said she was fine, and stayed and waited for me. While was cleaning, I remember seeing her talking on her phone A LOT. That was weird for Ashley, because she’s a big texter, not a talker! Little did I know, she was giving Jamie directions to my restaurant. I had no idea!! Keep in mind, Jamie lives in Boston. ☺ I remember walking from the back of the restaurant towards the front. Standing in the doorway was Ashley, crying, and a very tall man who looked exactly like me… I’ll never forget what he said, “Recognize me?!” I went straight in for a hug. Of course I recognized him!! It was like looking into a mirror! We went to a restaurant that night and talked until 2 a.m., and then I had all of the next day with him. THAT was better than Christmas. Wow.

I continue to talk to Jamie and Stacy just about every day. I have seen Jamie 4 times now, and I have seen Stacy twice. I met her for the first time in an airport! My connecting flight coming home from Boston, after visiting Jamie, was in Michigan (where she lives)! I think God and had a little hand in that… I had ten minutes with her in Detroit… very surreal. It’s so cool to meet someone you’ve been talking to for months face to face!! Ten minutes was more like a taste…she came to Virginia to meet me again, and my parents two weeks ago. What an experience, for everyone. She met my parents, sister, Grandma, friends, and got to see where I grew up. Very, very, cool.

Looking back, I am so ecstatic that I went about doing this in August last year. I’ve met half siblings, and now I have two people in my life now that I never want to leave, and a new understanding about where I’ve ‘come from.’ Finding them was one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do. ☺

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    What an inspiring story, awesome!!


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