Monday, March 8, 2010

Come On and Follow Along...

Welcome to the Family Life Services Blog - The Journey of a Birthmother! As we have been brainstorming about various ways to connect our ministry with our clients, supporters, and friends, a blog seemed like the best way to accomplish this goal. Various staff members and birth parents will be contributing and we plan to update it at least weekly so you can be up tp date with the happenings of FLS.  This will be a great window into the life of adoption through the eyes of a birth parent.  We will also keep you up to date with happenings of FLS, pictures from recent placements, and reviews on adoption related books, etc.

It is my hope that birth families will be able to celebrate, discuss, be honest, even share frustrations... but most important-- we heal from our adoption experience and move forward while supporting each other.  I will share my own journey of where adoption has taken me over the last 17 years... celebrate my great memories and expose the sadness that I have felt along the way.

So, come on and follow along as we take this journey together...


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