Thursday, March 25, 2010

A constant reminder…

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school to help the class with an art project. As I walked through the front door, I took a moment to introduce myself to a volunteer. After sharing my name and seeing the bag of supplies in my hands, she smiled and asked,

How many children do you have?”

It doesn’t matter how often I hear that question, I am always reminded that I have 2 + 1… two children that I parent and one that I placed for adoption. I smiled proudly and responded “me and my husband have two”. Notice the way I responded…. “me and my husband”.

That question is a constant reminder of K--a good reminder, just something that makes me think of her. I do think of K often... it doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday. It can be a simple question that takes me to thoughts of her.

On a funny note, if my youngest daughter is around, she often answers for me (and very boldly), “3. I have an older sister that doesn’t live with us. She was adopted…..” and I just stand there smiling knowing that for Emma, this is her way to brag about her older sister.

So, if you are an adoptee and ever wondered, “Does my birth mother think about me?”

Of course we do! And at the strangest times….

~ Janelle


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