Friday, April 16, 2010

New Adoption Movie....Mother and Child

I received an email from my long-time friend Kelly. She has many years of experience as an adoption professional and is also a FLS birthmother.  Kelly and her husband Jason has been married for almost 11 years and the proud parents of two adorable children.

I just wanted to let you know about a movie (secular, rated R, fiction - from what I can tell) that is coming, probably late spring/early summer, to our areas, that deals with members of the adoption triad - birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees. My husband told me about it last night.

It looks like teens aren't the target audience, but we all know they do watch R-rated films. However, teens are not the only ones facing crisis pregnancies and more than teens need to embrace adoption.

I am not sure how this movie will resolve itself. I pray this movie is positively impactful and not a glorified Lifetime Movie on the big screen negatively giving one sided views on adoption. However, if it is, maybe it will spark good conversations about and challenges to negative claims against adoption. We just need to be ready with bold and loving responses.

I am curious to see it. I wonder if it is in response to the movie Juno. Even though Juno was crass and crude in parts, it showed the raw side of a birth mother's experience in adoption, which is hard to watch, but ultimately set adoption as a positive option for birth parents. We may not all agree with Juno's means to an end, but the message was still that adoption is a good option that should be explored by those in crisis pregnancy, or at least that's how I saw it.

No matter the outcome with this movie, we can all be thankful that adoption is getting more attention right now in areas other than news, politics and debates about abortion, and offering more opportunities for it to be discussed and considered. Whether we like the movie or not, I hope we will be willing to join in or start some healthy discussions about it with people. I am convinced that even the pro-abortion community can support the adoption option.

The movie is titled "Mother and Child" and here's the link to the movie's site

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