Friday, May 14, 2010

Walk for Life 2010

On May 1, the Liberty Godparent Foundation hosted our 10th annual Walk for Life at the Liberty University track.

I had the honor of officially starting the event and joining Jonathan Falwell on stage as he led in a prayer of dedication and said a few words about the ministry. As I walked up to the microphone, I slowly looked over the crowd taking in what was looking right back at me. Before me were adoptive families, residents (past and present) of the home, kids running around – including my own—and other people from the community. It was a sweet reminder that I am working for something and someone that is much bigger than myself!

As Jonathan spoke, my mind wandered to his younger years. I wondered what he may have heard from his father about the vision for the Home. What do my own children hear from my mouth about my hopes for the future? What torch will I light that my kids will carry on? How wonderful to see the torch passed from Jerry to Jonathan… and my son’s life impacted because of that torch.

After the walk, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of Jonathan and Carson together… the next generation.

                                        Carson and Jonathan Falwell 2010

                                                   Janelle and Jerry Falwell  2007

To read more about our day and see pictures, please visit our other blog…and we would love to have you join us next year!

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