Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wouldn't you love to know how they really think....

Are all the good men really taken--and where are they?  What if I miss Mr. Perfect?   Will a godly man ever want me? 

Every other week, I meet with the girls at the Liberty Godparent Home for Sex Respect class--and those are just some of the questions that I hear.  During our time together, we talk about dating, setting limits, etc.  My favorite class is when we invite a group of Liberty University guys to the Home so the girls can hear first hand how they really think.  Can you imagine being one of those young men sitting in front of a class of pregnant girls?  It is very funny to watch!

While preparing for my class,  I came across Priscilla Shirer's Blog where she interviewed her "single" brother on camera.  As I watched Anthony Evans answer the questions, I thought it would be a great clip to share with you!  You will hear his thoughts on: 

*what can a woman do to let a man know they are available but in an appropriate way?
*what can a woman do that turn off a man from pursuing her?
*and why is he not married?!

So, sit down and click here to enjoy the 8 min video.
Have a great day~


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