Thursday, June 17, 2010

Upcoming Events...

Liberty Godparent Foundation is gearing up for our 2010 Baby Bottle Campaign!

The Liberty Godparent Foundation is asking churches and business' near & far to join us as we change lives with something as easy as our own pocket change.  Would your church be willing to join us? Maybe your Sunday School Class would like a special project? Or wouldn't this be a perfect way to teach the children about helping babies? Would you be willing to put a baby bottle up at your business?

The Liberty Godparent Home is a residential maternity home for young, unwed mothers that are facing unplanned pregnancies.  Over the years, they have assisted over 950 young ladies in preparing to either parent or place her child for adoption.  Seventeen years ago, I was one of those young ladies.... and am SO thankful for those that invested in not only my life, but the life that I was carrying!

During the month of September, we are hoping to have many churches, businesses and groups join our efforts.  If you are willing to help us, we are happy to supply all the bottles and even speak at the kickoff of the event! 

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Sheree Bryant at or 434.592.4407

PS.  Did you know that just one baby bottle filled with change equals about $20?

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