Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where I need to be....

"Lord, plant my feet right where you want them to be today."

This short and simple sentence has become one of my favorite requests as I walk through my day. I know that if I keep my heart and schedule open, He is faithful to lead me where He wants me.

Yesterday, I know my prayer was answered. I was sitting at my desk at a particular moment when a call came in that I needed to answer. As soon as I got off the phone I thought to myself "I never am at my desk at this time of day? Lord, thank you for planting my feet right at my desk. . . right where they needed to be!"

After getting up with a congested daughter last night, feeling the heat outside this morning, and looking at my never ending to-do list. . . the last thing I wanted to do was come into work today. While I was cruising up the road, I remembered that I needed to run by Target…yes, I always have time for a quick trip to Target!

As I walked through the cluster of parked cars, I passed a random cart in the middle of an empty parking space. I hurried past leaving it for someone else to move on their way into the store. “Why are people so lazy that they can't put the cart where it belongs," I mumbled to myself.

With each step I took farther away from the misplaced cart, I saw how lazy I was for leaving it. As I turned back, I had an internal dialog where I decided that because I was willing to go get the cart, I was probably protecting myself from a car accident later. How silly… I want God to put me where He needs me . . . even if it is to move a cart.

Thinking of the list of items I needed, I pushed my cart around the front of the building toward the entrance. A smile crossed my face as I saw an older couple--maybe in their mid 80's. As he held his bride’s hand, I noticed his unsteady footing. With each step, I watched his leather sandals drag on the concrete more and more. Then a woman came up beside him and asked, "Dad, are you ok?” I could tell by her face that she knew the answer before he could even open his mouth.

He stopped. As he released his wife’s hand, his daughter put her arms around him just as he lost his balance. Immediately, I walked (more like jumped) over and put my arms around this man as well. “Need some help,” I asked. “Please,” she responded with a worried smile. Together we held him up as he silently blacked out. Now what... “Oh Lord, I can't hold this man forever!” I looked at his wife and saw fear and confusion on her face. "Sure is hot out today," I said with a smile as I kept my footing. Just as someone brought out a wheelchair, I heard the man whisper, "I have my footing. I can feel my feet." Feet? Did he just say feet? “Lord, thank you for putting my feet right in this place, right at this time… right where this man needed me to be.”

Hearing his words that acknowledged his feet, we helped him sit down into the wheel chair. As I proceeded through the red open doors, the aroma of Target invited me in. I just smiled and knew, “This is exactly where God needed me to be, right at that moment.” If I had walked past that cart, I would have missed out on allowing God to use my feet to help another.

Where does God need you to be today?

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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