Friday, April 15, 2011

Even the smallest details...

Today was one of those days... the kind that after a long day at work, I sat down on the couch and had to reflect to soak in every little detail.  Today I saw God's hand on a ministry I love.

Let's rewind a few months to August 2010.  I had just moved into the position of Director of LGH and one of my tasks was to oversee the remodeling of the residents rooms.  So in the midst of settling into my new job, I had to find time to put on a decorators hat and try to get that job finished.... and do it with a limited budget.  We had already been blessed by a donor that had purchased colorful bedding and fun paint colors for the walls.  However, we were in desperate need of new dressers and decor for the walls.  And, if we could make it work in our tight budget, we needed new drapes for added privacy. 

A few months into my new position, I received a call from a Liberty University professor asking if I would come speak in her class.  It was after that class that I met two young ladies that wanted to help... and they were involved in the Interior Design Society.   Of course they could come help!

Before I knew it, they were at the Home painting walls, talking to a local interior designer who donated fabric for drapes, found someone to construct the drapes (for free!), and had paint donated to finish the walls. They were doing exactly what I didn't have time to do.  Their energy gave me the time to see the project get finished while being able to focus on my daily tasks.

In the midst of all of there work, I received a call from Grand Home Furnishings.  "What are your needs?"  Hearing that question made me laugh as I rattled off my list.  "Dressers for the bedrooms, a new queen bed for the houseparents, a few loveseats" and by that time I finished, I thought I had overwhelmed him with our list of needs.  However, within a few weeks I was told that my list was something that they were able to provide for us. 

Well, today the furniture was delivered.  As they carried the furniture in, I walked around with a huge smile on my face and just kept thinking "this is awesome".  It was one of those moments that I could imagine God  smiling down and saying "I got this".  He took care of all of the details and allowed our paths to cross with just the right people, at just the right time to get the job done. 

It was a great day.

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