Friday, April 22, 2011

Forever Grateful

We are so thankful for every young lady that comes through the Home.  Each circumstance is  different and  we have learned to trust God for guidance with each situation.  Below is the story of Amy ......

 "I will forever be grateful for the Liberty Godparent Home.  They will never know how they transformed, not only me but my family as well. When I was first asked to share what the Program did for me, I thought where do I begin? A few weeks after arriving, I had a miscarriage.  After completing the Liberty Godparent Home I was faced with a decision to move to a foster home or go stay with a local family. Being 16 I did not want to live in a foster home for 2 years.  My mother was in prison.  My Grandparents who I lived with before basically said that I couldn’t come back and live. 

I had already been at the Liberty Godparent Home for 6 months. I had dropped out of the ninth grade so at the Godparent Home prepared me to take my test to receive my GED and shortly thereafter I started Community College through Job Corporation Training.I starting working part time, going to school full time, and for the first time in my life I was excited for my future and what it held. I had support from people who cared and motivated and gave wise and Godly discernment to my life. 

Even at seventeen it was essential to have the structure that was given to me.  I want to stress that it did not at all feel like a program but a family.  Not only did they have impact on me but my boyfriend John who after 4 years of dating, became my husband. We now have 2 children and we are living out God’s plan for our marriage, raising up our children for him and experiencing firsthand how he can take our circumstances and use it for the Kingdom. We are so grateful for his love and mercy and for the mission that the program for ever imprinted on our lives as well as others.

 There is not a time where I don’t reflect back and my heart begins to feel with overwhelming love and gratitude to the staff and their dedication to this ministry. "

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