Friday, October 28, 2011

My Biggest Mission by "Ellie"

Coming to the Liberty Godparent Home was something that has changed my life forever.  I want to start off by thanking my parents, the staff, and the girls.  They have shown me that I can really find a true love for someone, and that is Jesus Christ.  I was a Christian before I came here, but this place was a true eye opener.

My first mission trip was in Kingston, Jamaica, when I was 18.  There I told orphans about Christ and how He loved then with His whole entire heart.  But my biggest mission so far has been to change myself completely and learn to be a Godly mother.  This is not as easy as it sounds, and it means I can't just think of myself and my friends anymore.  Not only will I be a mother in a couple of months, but now I will be one who will raise her baby in the house of the Lord.  I have to heep myself healthy and fit for my daughter too.  Life isn't just about me.  I need to think of others before myself.

My life has changed so much from the girl I was before I became pregant.  When I think of the way I was, it doesn't even seem like I could have possibly have been a Christian.  I had turned my back on God.  This wasn't the first time but this time was different because I had gotten caught:  I was pregnant.  I broke the hearts of my family, and by the grace of God they all forgave me.  Now my plan is to give my life to my daughter and to follow the heart God has given me for missions.  I plan to go to church when I return home and stay in a daily Bible study.  I want to raise my daughter to be Christ like.  I think as long as I teach her about Christ, and pray for her, God will do the rest.

**Written by "Ellie",  a current resident of the Liberty Godparent Home.

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