Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A note from a past resident to future residents.

I want to start off saying Thank you. You are choosing to give your child life and bring a smiling beautiful soul into this earth. I know that right now you may be scared and that is a good thing, means that you know how serious the situation is and you are being proactive.  

Coming to the Liberty Godparent Home is a wise and brave choice for both you and your child. I can say that you will make it through this and live to talk about it; however, you will come out a little wiser. While being at the Home you will be faced with two choices to either raise your baby or adoption, both plans are amazing and have great opportunities. While being in the home you will explore both of these choices in depth. Never think that you will be alone through any of this because it can become overwhelming, but there will always be a hand to pull you up or a shoulder to cry on. You will get to experience what both choices are like through a girl that was already been through the program.

You are a very brave and special person to your child no matter if your choice is adoption or to raise your baby, you are giving the gift of life. God has made a plan for you, He does not wish to give you pain or cause you grief. God knows that you are strong and has set you aside for something greater.


I’m a birth Mom... :)

Coming Full Circle

September 20, 2005...that's the day my life changed. 

As I sat on Liberty Mountain staring over the beautiful campus I had fallen in love with as a Liberty Freshman, I didn't know what would become of the "perfect" life I had so carefully planned for myself. Exhausted from crying, my hands shook as I dialed the number I had written down. 

At the first greeting the tears poured down my face again,  barely able to describe my "impossibly hopeless" situation. How could I explain that I as a Liberty sophomore, unwed...had become pregnant? In my conservative bubble of a world those things didn't happen. 

But in one of the many miraculous ways that God showed Himself to me in the months and even years to follow, a peace came over me, you know the "peace that passeth all understanding" kind. She spoke about this place that offered such great hope for not only my future...but my baby's as well. My baby?? 

Through her words, I began to understand that a life had been designed and created within me, and it was now my responsibility to protect this life at all costs to myself. The Liberty Godparent Home became my new home...a haven from all outside influences and a chance to reflect on the decisions ahead. They not only offered the physical needs required for my baby and I, but a team of individuals dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life devoted themselves to seeing that I not only seek redemption...but receive restoration. 

I made the decision to be a single parent and honestly the road has been long and hard, but by the grace of God my sweet baby boy is now an outgoing and lovable 6 year old. Last August, I married a godly man who loves and cherishes us both. A few months ago, I received another blessing, the opportunity to be apart of that same team who took part in transforming my life forever. 

When I became a houseparent for the LGH, I wondered if I was naive in believing God could still use me after all the mess of my past. It was as I was timing a young lady's contractions one afternoon recently, that I fully realized how much I have come full circle and that God is certainly not done with me, and that His work within me is far from finished...but my how wonderful this journey has been.

It is a  pleasure having Dee around the Home to interact with the residents and be an example of someone that beat the odds!  Janelle

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tour our Home...

For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to walk through our halls, I invite you to watch this 4 minute video clip of our Home.  If you would ever like to schedule a tour, please feel free to call us at 434.845.3466.

Welcome to our Home!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update on Home Happenings

Happy Spring!

We are thankful for sunshine, a gas grill and outdoor patio seating! And also for a growing garden!

There are also some beautiful bellies growing with life- a gift from God.

But what about the happenings inside our resident's hearts and minds?   Personal growth is just as important here as the physical.

Each Caseworker assists our residents in setting personal goals while they are here and these goals are evaluated incrementally. We as a staff love to see the changes and awareness each resident has when she realizes she’s meeting her goals. You must be witnessing some of these as well!

One young lady here has learned she thrives on responsibility, and can be very encouraging with her words when someone else is having a hard day.

Another has independently searched for ways to help her handle stress and asked staff for some good ideas. One girl recognized that walking and exercise is a great tool to help her with that as well. And yet another teen realized gardening is something she loves and that being outdoors can help her be calmer.

Forgiving yourself is part of a beautiful process, and one resident has worked through some of that, and in turn, has also been personally stirred to ask parents for forgiveness.

Every girl has her own place with her faith, and it was awesome to witness one young lady decide to lean in closer to God recently, and to see her peace and joy that came with her experience.

Ending toxic relationships is a topic that spontaneously arose not too long ago, and one young lady mentioned she is privately thinking about a few friends in her life that may fall into that category.  

A quiet resident has realized she is an excellent communicator on social issues and topics that she feels strongly about.  Another has pursued her art with more energy and has contributed to activities and the home with her colorful drawings.

Every young lady learns about her spiritual gifts and her love language when she arrives. This helps her learn about herself, and to understand other’s differences. It also enables us to encourage her in her strengths, talents and gifts.

Thanks again for your prayers and support as we assist these young ladies....supporting them as they continue to learn and to grow into positive, confident, lively young women.

God Bless You,
 Liberty Godparent Home Houseparents and staff

"God, Your faithful love is so valuable that people take refuge in the shadow of Your wings. They are filled from the abundance of Your house; You let them drink from Your refreshing stream, for with You is life’s fountain. In Your light we will see light." (Psalms 36:7-9 HCSB)