Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A note from a past resident to future residents.

I want to start off saying Thank you. You are choosing to give your child life and bring a smiling beautiful soul into this earth. I know that right now you may be scared and that is a good thing, means that you know how serious the situation is and you are being proactive.  

Coming to the Liberty Godparent Home is a wise and brave choice for both you and your child. I can say that you will make it through this and live to talk about it; however, you will come out a little wiser. While being at the Home you will be faced with two choices to either raise your baby or adoption, both plans are amazing and have great opportunities. While being in the home you will explore both of these choices in depth. Never think that you will be alone through any of this because it can become overwhelming, but there will always be a hand to pull you up or a shoulder to cry on. You will get to experience what both choices are like through a girl that was already been through the program.

You are a very brave and special person to your child no matter if your choice is adoption or to raise your baby, you are giving the gift of life. God has made a plan for you, He does not wish to give you pain or cause you grief. God knows that you are strong and has set you aside for something greater.


I’m a birth Mom... :)

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