Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coming Full Circle

September 20, 2005...that's the day my life changed. 

As I sat on Liberty Mountain staring over the beautiful campus I had fallen in love with as a Liberty Freshman, I didn't know what would become of the "perfect" life I had so carefully planned for myself. Exhausted from crying, my hands shook as I dialed the number I had written down. 

At the first greeting the tears poured down my face again,  barely able to describe my "impossibly hopeless" situation. How could I explain that I as a Liberty sophomore, unwed...had become pregnant? In my conservative bubble of a world those things didn't happen. 

But in one of the many miraculous ways that God showed Himself to me in the months and even years to follow, a peace came over me, you know the "peace that passeth all understanding" kind. She spoke about this place that offered such great hope for not only my future...but my baby's as well. My baby?? 

Through her words, I began to understand that a life had been designed and created within me, and it was now my responsibility to protect this life at all costs to myself. The Liberty Godparent Home became my new home...a haven from all outside influences and a chance to reflect on the decisions ahead. They not only offered the physical needs required for my baby and I, but a team of individuals dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life devoted themselves to seeing that I not only seek redemption...but receive restoration. 

I made the decision to be a single parent and honestly the road has been long and hard, but by the grace of God my sweet baby boy is now an outgoing and lovable 6 year old. Last August, I married a godly man who loves and cherishes us both. A few months ago, I received another blessing, the opportunity to be apart of that same team who took part in transforming my life forever. 

When I became a houseparent for the LGH, I wondered if I was naive in believing God could still use me after all the mess of my past. It was as I was timing a young lady's contractions one afternoon recently, that I fully realized how much I have come full circle and that God is certainly not done with me, and that His work within me is far from finished...but my how wonderful this journey has been.

It is a  pleasure having Dee around the Home to interact with the residents and be an example of someone that beat the odds!  Janelle

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  1. Anonymous6/03/2013

    I am so proud of you and the way you are living your life. You are a blessing to so many!
    I love you,


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