Monday, June 3, 2013

Giving Back

Most Fridays, the residents of LGH are somewhere in the community making an effort to give back.  We are blessed by so many individuals... the least we can do is make an impact in our local community.  
After watching the devastating coverage of the tornado damage in Oklahoma, the residents wanted to do something to help.  Below is a bog post written by a resident sharing about her experience of making an impact.  Enjoy!  ~Janelle

Friday May 24th the Liberty Godparent girls went to Wal-Mart to help Gleaning For the World pass out shopping list for the tragedy that happened in Oklahoma.  Not only were people passing out flyers at Wal-Mart, but at Sam's Club as well.  They even had a website that you could go on and donate items.  

It was amazing how much the community cared and how much was given just that day!  We had one woman that didn't know anything about the tornado and was shocked talking about how awful it was.  Some of the things that were on the list to donate were:  water, canned foods, baby wipes, flashlights, and even money was donated!  We gathered many items that day.  The expression on people's faces when they receive the items will be incredible!  The Liberty Godparent girls were enthusiastic to help out and it was a great experience.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the tornado victims in Oklahoma, what shocking is that they are having another tornado watch so we will be praying for them every second of the day.

With much love,
Liberty Godparent girls!

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  1. Anonymous6/03/2013

    Love! It's amazing how helping others not only benefits those you're trying to help, but in turn somehow blesses you too. Praying for those in OK. - Mattie


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