Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update on Home Happenings... June 2013

We had a healthy baby GIRL delivered at the end of last month!  We praise God for her safe arrival. Both of them are healthy and well.
 With great celebration, we also realize that a lot of diligent hard work has already taken place to get here – for each baby, and for each girl, to face the next step in life.

Completing the Liberty Godparent Home program is no easy task, and yet each young woman here has already been through some difficult times and made tough choices- particularly the one to give her child life!

Counseling is also a lot of hard work, and so please keep that in mind as you pray for the young ladies. Each is being challenged emotionally in areas that can be just as difficult and just as draining as a marathon! We never want to over burden them and pray that we work on areas that require the most attention at this time in her life.

Working on accepting responsibility can be hard, but our young ladies accept the good or negative consequences for their daily choices. Most often, our Senior residents have learned this, and have enjoyed their last few months here more than the first few!

On a simpler note, household chores are almost a daily requirement. Because we live in a group home, we have a specific way to maintain things. We love a beautiful and clean environment where each resident feels comfortable, safe and relaxed while she’s here. While being trained in their assigned household responsibilities, they are also being trained for life, as they one day will also maintain their own home.

Education Work – They amaze us as they move from non-interest to high motivation, wanting to complete as much as work as possible. They are eager to share the percentages of how much course work they have completed. I heard a recent science experiment involved Kia the fuzzy dog and a beach ball….

Volunteer Work for Give-Back Fridays: We helped out at a local church, assembling binders for a training ministry. We served lunch at the city shelter, The Daily Bread.   
We also have a writer in our group! She wrote about our volunteering for the Oklahoma tornado victims. Keep scrolling down through our blog to read her thoughts!

Spiritual Work: Sometimes it’s hard to accept unconditional love and forgiveness! But God does love us so! We are treasured. We want the residents to know they don’t have to do life alone. Faith matters. Devotions are a quick easy start to our day to remind us that God is not far away.

Debating: We don’t always agree on social issues or how to do things, or even how to plan ahead. We all feel passionately about certain things, such as issues on the news, but learning how to communicate that in a respectful way can be tough. I’m proud to say that our residents are facing these challenges and have a chance to process such discussions with staff. They learn about themselves, the communicating styles of others, how to keep it positive and yet still advocate for their opinion.

Shopping and Dressing – hard work? You bet it is! When you are used to a skinny teen body and it begins changing with new life growing inside, clothing and shopping for clothing soon becomes more involved!!  We’ve had quite a few shopping trips lately.

Some recent FUN memories: 
  • Someone caught a newt on the back patio, and it’s tail broke off! Ha!
  • We went to an LU Baseball game and sat behind the dugout.
  • Walked to the monogram on the mountain, swam in the pool, and finally….
  • The Virginia Safari Park and Zoo! This is where we got up close and personal with beasts who like to steal feed buckets and eat them for dessert! 

Jesus himself enjoyed times with friends, times at the sea and in the mountains, and times alone. Hard work should be balanced with creative, refreshing times.

Remember to enjoy a full, abundant life!

In Christ,

Jen and LGH staff

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