Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The words of a loving father...

We recently were able to sit down with the father of a current resident.  What we didn't know is that just a few days later, they would be celebrating the delivery of a healthy baby girl!

Irina's story is special... and yet she is just one amazing story from the nearly 900+ young ladies that we have greeted into the Liberty Godparent Home.  While her time with us was short (7 months), it felt like an eternity to this young lady and her family.  Irina spent her time with us preparing for her future, caring for herself and accepting unconditional love.  At the same time her parents were also preparing and growing as a couple... through weekly visits, calls with the Case Manager and consistent family counseling.

It was amazing to see her blossom... to see her grasp unconditional love... and watch her look boldly into the future--- accepting and learning from her past.

Enjoy this testimony,

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