Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update on Home Happenings... Sept 9, 2013

It’s a BOY! He is healthy and happy and came a tiny bit earlier than we planned, but we rejoice at his arrival! Both Mom and baby boy are doing fine and are home now, beginning a new adventure in their lives. 

Just before the baby came, we also had a new resident join us. We are privileged to walk with her on this part of her journey and are excited to see what God has for her. 

By the time each resident completes our program, their life has a direction and a plan. This doesn’t mean they have life all perfectly mapped out! It does mean, however, that some of their relationships have improved, as well as their education, and they have a stable environment to return to, with some goals attained and some new ones set. We hope they know themselves a little better and are more confident in who God created them to be, ready and eager to use their gifts and talents, and put into practical action the basics that can ground them through out life.

With that in mind, Lifeskills class had our residents filling out job applications, preparing resumes, choosing interview outfits and preparing for interview questions. We are encouraging this group to keep theirs resume in a handy place! Every resident who recently completed our program has called back, looking for a copy of their resume. So it’s important to keep resumes ready!

We have been thankful for our volunteers in Education: Beth, who is excellent in Math and who also has the most adorable service puppy, Bella. The girls love it when she comes not just for puppy time, but for Beth’s expertise in tutoring.

Lizzie Phelps also joined our Volunteer Tutor team. She has a background in high school Math/Science and the residents are very thankful for her weekly evening visit.

Blonde to red…yep, it still can be done during pregnancy.  Thanks Sage Tryall Salon!  :)

And we had a pink cake with blue inside….just to throw everyone off for fun. That means one of our lovely residents had her ultrasound, and she’s having a boy!

In Adoption they talked about Parenting. Did you read that right? Yes, every resident is encouraged to explore both options, and even in Adoption class they discussed the importance of searching that out within themselves. In Parenting they also are encouraged to search out Adoption. The residents did budgeting for an infant and the costs of childrearing- an eye opening lesson. And then to be reminded of the gift of life, we have been blessed to have a few newborns stop in with their Mom’s to say hello. There were too many ooh’s and aw’s and scrunchy cute faces to count!

As for entertainment the residents went to Peaks of Otter in the Blue Ridge Parkway and grilled foot long hot dogs, walked around Abbott lake (1 mile) and made s’mores, played in the creek and drove up the parkway to enjoy the awesome views.

The home purchased 5 new Wii games, so if you hear geese honking and gun shots- well….
They are dancing to Michael Jackson’s Just Dance, ballin’ with the NBA and driving fast and furious on Need for Speed. Yes, they chose them all!

We had a few trips to Ivy Lake for swimming, happy hour at Sonic for Slushies, mall walking and individual clothing shopping trips. I think there was a late night movie trip in there too.

With new carpeting and new floors, we feel like we have a new home. It continues to amaze us how much God’s people bless us and these young ladies!  (pictures to follow once the floors have been completed!)

With all that’s happened, I think the best experience these ladies have had in the last month was the Liberty University Nursing Lab Seminar. This was a college level nursing program day led by Linda Gregory, RN and LU Professor. Our ladies sat in on several classes, complete with robotic mannequins that reacted to medical situations in a very lifelike way. The infant was used in the Infant Care session and and the woman delivering a baby was used in the Labor and Delivery Session. They were the most amazing machines. The ladies also sat in two other sessions: Epidurals and Post-Partum Care. Each session was led by a Dr., Nurse or Anethesiologist.

Our residents learned so much about what kind of care they will receive, all from a nurse or Dr.’s perspective. They asked a lot of questions and participated in the mock examinations of the mannequins. Although it was long day- 4 hours- it was worth every minute.

Thank you to Ms. Gregory and Liberty University for allowing us to participate!

So now the fall is here, the garden is turned over and football has started!  Our residents have been in a baking mood too…. someone had hot chocolate today.

Happy Fall!


Jen for all of the LGH team