Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Update on Home Happenings.... October 2013

Hi Family!
Hi Friends!

First we want to shout out a big Thank you to Pastor Jonathon Falwell and his wife Shari, for treating the ladies to lunch out and dessert at O’Charley’s. And also for blessing each one of them with a book about Heaven.

We have to thank Janet at the Hibachi Restaurant for treating the ladies to lunch at the all you can eat buffet. too! It’s her hugs as we leave that is the icing on the cake!

Speaking of treats, Jenna, our houseparent, took the girls out for ice cream and let them tour some of the Liberty University residential facilities.  They also went walking on the Blackwater Creek Trail with Ms. Robin and had devotions there. She did weekend scrapbooking at her house too!

We were happy to see a few famous people, and we’ve quite a list to share: We heard Kirk Cameron speak at Liberty University. He produced the recent movie Unstoppable. The residents attended the Premier showing of the movie at the local mall theater and enjoyed it.

Another thrilling experience was meeting Willi Robertson, of the TV series Duck Dynasty. He spoke at LU and our ladies got the special privilege to have their picture taken with him afterwards and meet him.

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mother, also spoke at LU convocation, and shared about God in her life. She was also a teen mom and lived in a maternity home while pregnant, so her story resonated with our girls.

Jeff Bethke was great to hear, and funny too!

Overall, the worship at LU is ‘amazing’ as one resident shared. She said the speaker could talk about pineapples and she’d still be thrilled because the music and the singing inspires her so- haha!  Our residents love the band and praise time at Convocation and Campus Church with the college students.

We have done a lot of volunteering, and we have so many people who role model that by showing up at LGH to help. They do cleaning, chores, gardening, errands, bring us baked goods and give us donations constantly. Giving is contagious! Our residents volunteered to help with the Day In the Park, and face painted little ones and handed out information. They collected supplies for Gleaning for the World to assist the flood disaster victims in Colorado by standing in front of Sam’s Club.

Job applications and resume’s continue to be done, and they dressed and interviewed with local business professionals for practice.

For fun we bought a basketball one day and went to the park to shoot some hoops, wade in the creek and walk on the trails. It was a simple break, and very quieting.

Adoption Training weekend went well. Family Life Services held their events with guests and speakers and our residents were able to sit in on some panel discussions. They also had lunch together with the FLS staff and LGH staff and guests.

We did some artwork with canvas and branches and they turned out beautiful!  Pictures will be posted soon on our facebook page!

Ms. Stacy invited us out to her farm and we had a tea party and brunch, and remained quite proper and used the best of manners. Then we went outside and fed the chickens, threw sticks for the dogs and rocked on the front porch, overlooking the countryside. How relaxing! Thanks, Ms. Stacy and baby William, for letting us spend the day.

Football! Yes, on a pretty fall Saturday, our houseparent Candace took them to a LU Flames Football game and they sat in a packed stadium and cheered along.

These are the highlights that came between very regular scheduled days and nights for the past month or so. Schoolwork, class times, counseling, Dr appointments, chores, exercise, preparation and responsibilities continue.

Our resident who next to deliver her baby wrote an awesome verse on the mirror this week:

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecc 7:8


- Jen for all LGH staff and residents 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"A place to lay my head...."

If you could be picked up and transported right out of your life right now- completely- just sucked up in the air and gently carried off- and then be placed somewhere safe, somewhere filled with people to listen to your hurts, to help attend to your needs, to help provide for you, to surround you with a beautiful environment, to lead you closer to God….a place that asks you to help place your own loving boundaries that will help you-  for your protection- where would you be?

Could you have even found such a place on your own? A place to assist you in repairing your relationships just a tiny bit at a time? A place for deep soul soothing, for faith and confidence building, for instructional, educational growth….for forgiveness…a place to focus on you, and let the stress of your life be held at bay for a time….for just a time….

Have you dreamed of a place that would provide a comfortable bed, daily home cooked meals and a little order and safety in your world of emotional chaos and doubts?

A place to help you take time to think, to step back and learn from past  hurts or mistakes and plan for the future….

A ‘time-out’ so to speak…A ‘greenhouse’ to grow stronger before you’re transplanted again….

Did Pastor Jerry Falwell know all of what his vision of helping young ladies in a crisis pregnancy would become? No, I’m not sure he saw all that it would be when he commandeered a group of willing Christians to start a maternity home for such young women. But the place mentioned above is what God has provided for many.

Once here at the Liberty Godparent Home, each young woman chooses how she responds. Some find it difficult to accept love, to trust, or to feel safe even here. Some are so used to criticizing and fault finding, so they spend their time in the beginning doing that very thing.

Some recognize immediately the haven that it can be and say, as a recent resident stated,  “I’m just thankful to have a place to lay my head and not worry about my next meal right now.”

There are good days and bad days here at LGH.  We laugh and enjoy a home filled with girls and staff that are all there for each other. We happily plan, conspire to bless, problem solve and pray.  Every day has good in it.

But bad days are okay too. When a resident has a bad day, it means she is not feeling well physically. But that means there is a work in progress- that a child is being wonderfully created within her.  The pain serves a greater purpose.

Bad days also mean that there are tears. But tears are okay. It means she’s able to feel what’s real to her heart. But the pain serves a greater purpose. She can find healing, direction, forgiveness or learn through it.

It’s also a bad day when she or other people she loves disagree or are not understood, but the good side is that she can learn and recover, rebound, re-communicate and then sometimes re-unite. The pain serves a greater purpose.

Christ left glory to come to us as incarnate God in man, to stand behind all others and be at the end of the line of humanity, to serve others and be of no account, to finally be beaten and killed. And we know His pain served a greater purpose.  To provide remission of sins for all man, in order to grant eternal life.

One day He will pick us up from our lives, transport us to a place way grander than all we’ve known, and it will be perfect.

 1 Corinthians 2:9
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

~Written by Jen, LGH House Manager