Thursday, January 9, 2014

God makes ALL things new....

Happy New Year!

Keep in mind that God makes all things new, and we are so thankful that you ALL are a part of this ministry He uses to do just that!

Here's a short testimony of a former resident:

“Growing up I knew who Jesus was, but didn’t have faith in Him, like Him being the Son of God. That was because I thought we are all God's children and God does not have a favorite child.  I believed we are all equal and special to him. I used to have doubts about Jesus being the Son of God and I would wonder, What about Adam? God breathed life into him.  How come he is not God's only begotten son?  It is easy to be around people who share the same belief as you, and I was around Muslims.  Speaking of my own experience, my family is not making it easy for me being a Christian. My father, grandfather, aunt –let’s just say my whole family- do not agree or accept, and never will, about me being Christian now. It makes it really hard for me.

      Every girl has to do the searching for herself – and to think about how she has been led toward Jesus Christ. For example, when I was in Africa, in Sierra Leone, I used to live near a school which they used it as a church on Sunday. I would hear people rejoicing, singing and dancing and I enjoyed it very much. But I couldn’t attend because my mother was 100% Muslim and she prayed her 5 times daily prayer. Anyway,  I have been healed by Jesus and helped by Christianity a lot of the time, so I took it as a sign. The Lord spoke to me that I am to be His, and I am a Christian. I was able to do more faith searching at the Liberty Godparent Home, where I was safe and cared for.

 At first my experience at the home was rough. The rules! Oh Lord! But then I understood that part. There were a lot of things I had to get used to: curfew, having to get up early and do chores and activities  - not because I wanted to but because I had no choice. Being at the home was also rough for me because I didn't have family support and I came very early in my pregnancy. I was worried that after giving birth I wouldn't have options of where to go and didn’t know what I wanted to do.  But in my heart I wanted to do what was the best thing for my child. And the girls... I liked them but I'm not sure if all of them liked me. To be honest, I didn't care if I made friends because I knew the reasons why I came there. It was because, like I said, I felt like I had no options and that was what was hurting me.  I sometimes felt like I hurt more, because I felt no love from any outside of LGH, in my family. And the people from the “in” circle- well, I felt like whatever they did or felt for me was out of pity. My heart didn’t feel good towards anyone- not even towards the birth father (ok, maybe a little because he had his part to play, and in my heart I was disappointed that he didn’t step up at all) Maybe he saw me as an adult back then, but I know now that in my stage of mind I was still a child, and he knew. I realized that's why I was a great target for him. I was so vulnerable. Anyways, those are lessons learned from this and everything I have been through. Never again will I ever put myself in those kind of situations.  That’s what God taught me: to protect my heart, and my life, and my child.

The most wonderful, positive thing that came out of this experience first is: my healthy child, who gives me great joy!

I have learned from my mistakes to take time and choose wisely what kind of a man I let in my life. Looking in the face of my little one, I will never, ever have negatives thoughts about myself, or do hurtful things to myself, because the Lord shows me that I am beautiful inside and out.  Hurting myself, like I felt at one time, it was like hurting Him, and hurting my child. I am thankful now it never crosses my mind. They are both like the breath that I breathe.

Now, I am very happy and I work very hard. I am full-time in a nursing home, and am full-time as a single Mom, and I hope to get back for training to be an EMT. I share an apartment with a responsible friend. I have other dear friends who are trustworthy and I love Jesus and give Him praise. He takes care of me and my child. God definitely used the Liberty Godparent Home in my life!"

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