Thursday, January 30, 2014

We are what we eat...

Did you ever wonder what a group of pregnant young ladies eat? 

Despite the images you now have of pickles, ice cream and 2 a.m. chicken wing bonanzas in your head, they actually eat very well here- thankfully due to the people that support us.

We want you to know that good health is being maintained and we are grateful for every healthy young woman and every healthy baby!

So, in case you’re curious, here’s a sample menu that we decided to share. It is never the same. Keep in mind our residents each choose one meal during the week. This enables them to research and menu plan, keep track of nutrition and learn how to shop and budget. They also assist with preparation for their meal, so cooking skills are acquired!

As you will see, they are truly blessed!!

Monday Lunch
            Black bean, avocado & tomato salad

            Cheese Cubes
Pita chips and humus
            Chocolate dipped bananas
Monday Dinner
            Sesame chicken with Tai noodles
            Fresh orange slices
            Stir-fry veggies
Tuesday Lunch
            Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
            Salsa and sour cream
            Parmesan potatoes
            Orange juice
Tuesday Dinner
            Pork Chops
            Potato Salad
            Red Grapes
            Collard Greens
Wednesday Lunch
            Cheese Tortellini with Tomatoes and Meat sauce
            Fresh Blueberries
            Fresh Asparagus
Wednesday Dinner  
            Beef or Chicken Enchiladas
            Sour Cream and Cheese
            Fresh Pineapple
            Kale and Spinach Salad
Thursday Lunch
            Mozzarella, Basil & Tomato on Panera Bread
            Fresh Apples
            Carrot & Celery Sticks
            Soup of Choice 
Thursday Dinner
            Chicken Breasts stuffed with Spinach and Cheese
            Honey Rolls
Peach and Greens salad
            Lima beans and Corn
Friday Lunch
            Salmon with Ginger Sauce
            Brown Rice
            Fresh Pineapple
            Baked Fresh Broccoli
            Deviled Eggs
Friday Dinner
            Loaded Baked Potato, Cheese & Bacon Soup
            Soft Pretzels
            Fresh Cherries
            Chopped Salad
            EAT OUT
Saturday Dinner
            Grilled Burgers on Buns or Steak Strips
            Baked Beans
Sunday Lunch
            Lasagna with Meat sauce
            Cheese Bread
            Fresh Mangoes and Kiwi
            Fresh steamed Green Beans
Sunday Night

            Fruit & Veggie Smoothies of choice

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