Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happenings around the Home!

I heard that midnight tonight strikes the official Autumn Season and we are ready! We are already loving the cooler mornings for our walks, our fall decorations and Halloween crafts. I know a few young ladies are also hoping to grab a Pumpkin Spiced Latte very soon.

The last month has been consistent with hard work AND adventure- a unique combination!

They were up very early and on the road to our Nation's capital one Monday, along with two staff members, who had a detailed fun and memorable itinerary ready for the adventure.

The young ladies visited the National Museum of American History, the Holocaust Museum, and the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, all in one perfect day. They loved seeing representations of what they had been studying about, plus much more. It truly made history come to  life for them.

The Holocaust Museum left the strongest impression, they said, as they walked through with a card that held information of a real person that had experienced the war, and at the end of their museum tour they found out if their person survived or not. One resident said it was "somber and overwhelming with information and stories." And another said, "It was hard to see but it brought all that we learned about into perspective."

They returned late at night, happy and tired, and got right back to their busy schedules the next day, because that's the way life works, right ? ;)

To stay fit, our ladies are blessed with times to do Aerobics and Swimming. For the crafty, artistic folks, they made acorn people after a walk outside one day, painted nails, sketched in art journals, crocheted slippers and made Halloween sun catchers and decorations.

In gardening and cooking they dug up our potatoes, helped make homemade spaghetti sauce,  and whipped up fresh pesto with our herbs. We dried tomatoes and used them in a pasta recipe already, and they dried banana chips, which ended up sticky, but it was fun to try anyways.

There's always something going on, as you can see! We are looking forward to walking on crunchy, bright leaves and feeling the chill in the air soon, as I'm sure you are too.

Thanks to many of you who helped with these outings and experiences, and thanks to each of you who support us with your prayers, time and energy!

God Bless You, and Happy Autumn!

Jen Etheridge

for Liberty Godparent Home staff and residents

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