Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Home Happenings.... October

Hello Friends,
We all wanted to share with you our latest happenings around the home!

Each resident is working hard to tackle their education goals.  That’s the beauty of having a program that meets individual needs in academics. We are blessed with a passionate teacher and tutors who volunteer, as well as an online program that enables our students to work at a pace quicker than public schools. Most are motivated to do so. It’s one of the changes we see after a resident settles in. She quickly values her education and desires to accomplish all she can, and to do it well.

Some of our young ladies are preparing for the GED, SAT’s and then college classes. One young lady is working through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class. She said she likes “how he not only teaches financial principles and we learn a lot for making good decisions in the future, but he also shows us how managing your money relates to family relationships, too. He can be pretty funny sometimes, so it’s interesting!’ 

Shaken Baby Syndrome and some practical tools to deal with crying infants and children was the topic in Parenting Class.  Part of parenting is also preparation, so research on day care costs, average pay scales for typical jobs, and independent living budgets are often assigned projects from the caseworker. Estimating expenses for raising an infant, including baby equipment, diapers, clothing, formula, etc. also teach them to plan and provide.

Each day is full of classes, meetings, appointments, exercise, devotions, and chores- from 8 am to 5 pm, and then tutors come four times a week, often in the evenings.  These ladies are scheduled, on time and are getting things done! 

This is a safe place. When they leave here it is not guaranteed these young ladies will always be so well taken care of. Please pray each child and mother will continue to grow and to feel safe, loved, and walk further in the love and knowledge of Christ, too.  We tend to think of these young ladies as adults, but many of them are still maturing and growing up- physically their brains are still developing, their emotions and bodies too- all while being pregnant and working hard to make plans- whether placing or parenting.

 It is because many of you give to the Liberty Godparent Home that we are able to be a part of their journey. So thank you again and again! 

Jen, for all the LGH Team

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