Monday, November 24, 2014

What has been happening around the Home....

LGH Residents’ November Checklist:

Surprise Graduation party, with cap and gown ceremony, cake and pizza, good wishes and congrats! Many smiles and laughter and applause. Confidence boosted. Maturity and good work ethic gained.  Diploma framed. Hat toss!!

Thanksgiving Feast with all staff and residents. Get stuffed, happy, and thankful. Talk and laugh with friends. Deliriously consume leftovers, especially pie.

Knit baby bear infant hats in cheerful yellow yarn. Carry Reality Works doll everywhere while wearing it, improving the cute factor by leaps and bounds. Don’t get annoyed when people ask. Just grin and say politely, “It’s plastic.”

 Use sidewalk chalk for fun time in the sun, adding color to both entrances, making folks smile when they come and go. Try to draw my friend.

Attend Parent Support Group. Share from the heart. Encourage and support all the other single Moms. Get good advice. Problem solve. Laugh, Cry. Play with 1, 3 and 4 year olds. Keep confidentiality.

Skype with friends and family. Just go ahead and let myself be homesick. Be firm in planning. Set boundaries. Love generously. Smile. Watch family carry laptop around to show everyone and everything. Try to be patient.

Volunteer at church banquet. Serve and work hard. Accept compliments and warm gratitude. Eat amazing food. Go to bed with a sore back but with a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction for helping others.

Study more for SAT’s. Read two more chapters in my book. Return University library book.  Put new batteries in scientific calculator.

Exercise and swim in the pool. Do aerobics, yoga, stretch and relax. Feel baby move and wiggle. Giggle and see if others can see the movement.

Go for lengthy walks in the crisp air and get sunshine therapy. Breathe deeply. Think about upcoming labor and delivery. Ask a lot of questions. Share fears. Slowly increase heart rate and release endorphins to fight off depression.

Attend counseling. Prepare heart. Weep. Laugh. Feel safe. Experience some healing. Learn to forgive a little. Learn to let go.

Meet with caseworker. Complete assignments. Vent frustrations. Share goals. Make phone calls. Get things more in order.  Get a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.

 Pray more. Use my new highlighters in my Bible.

Have a good Dr. appointment. Don’t gain too much weight. Keep blood pressure low. Eat healthier.  Cut back on sweet tea!

Throw softball around with friend. Get outside more. Get better at catching.

Write more letters. Send thank you notes for the clothes, shampoo, toothpaste, and gloves and scarf that I really needed.

Look up that Pinterest Recipe and add to grocery list. Make my meal awesome so everyone will want the recipe. Get good at it so I can make it on my own.

Do my laundry twice a week to keep it under control.

Eat out at LaCarretta this weekend. And then grab personal stuff I need at Dollar Store.  Try to get little gifts for my family.

Make my Christmas list!!! Try not to get too excited! Look online for things I need and want! Find that perfume I love. Get prices for Mary-Kay makeup. Find winter boots.

 Change my bedroom dry erase board for my weeks of pregnancy. Stick to the baby names I have picked out!

Pack for the weekend. Don’t listen to Christmas music ‘til after my Thanksgiving break!  Relax and have a good visit! Sleep in!!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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