Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What is happening at LGH this week?

 We are adjusting, shuffling and settling in with a few new residents. With new faces come new personalities and the dynamics of the group change every time. We enjoy making room for those who God has brought our way, and welcome them warmly!

As we get to know each girl better, we continue on with our daily schedules. We also incorporate each young lady into school, evaluating her to find out where she’s at, educationally. Transcripts and test scores are also sent to us.

Medical insurance and the first Dr. appointments are set up, and the complete handbook is reviewed with each new resident. Training begins for chores, and we get to know their love language and a few of their unique spiritual gifts, as well as their favorites or dislikes when it comes to school subjects, food, colors, activities, movies, personal goals, career goals, etc. She gets assigned specific spaces, laundry times, counseling appointments, and begins to assist with cooking.

They acclimate to exercise, new friends, staff and church as they work through their initial 21 days. This is time for them to begin new habits, to feel safe and be healthier.  Most young ladies write a lot of letters during this period, too.

Weekend outings help with this adjustment in a relaxed way. Our residents recently went to a Fall festival, carved and painted pumpkins, and went trick or treating.  They also attended a women’s Blush Conference on another weekend.

Hands-On Parenting offers our young ladies occasional time with a family, where they assist in caring for infants, toddlers and children, while being supervised by our staff. This is something they really enjoyed this last week. They also price shopped and budgeted for baby expenses in the local department stores.

One young lady was able to vote on Election Day, and then she closely monitored the political results on the news.

Another resident had a job interview and is preparing diligently for independent living in her future, which includes researching apartments, the bus lines and securing a high-quality day care.

We celebrate with the one who just graduated with honors with her GED! And thank you to all who sent cards to her via our Facebook request!

Staying motivated, one individual is looking at online writing jobs, while continuing to prepare for her SAT in December.  

As you can see, these young ladies are continuing to make changes, adjust, stabilize and prepare for their futures. Please keep them, and us, in your prayers.

~Jen for the LGH Team

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