Friday, December 19, 2014

Prayer Tree

Last weekend we held our Annual Liberty Godparent Foundation Open House.  This is one day of the year that we open the Home to those that want to learn more about our program, see the property and enjoy some homemade snacks.  

This year we did something different... we created a Prayer Tree.  Having supporters prayer for our ministries is a priceless treasure.  It was our goal to place different requests and names on red tags so people could specifically prayer through the year as the Holy Spirit brings it to mind.  What a blessing it was to see the tags leave the tree knowing that people are committed to pray for us... even specifically by name!

As the day finished up, tags still remained on the tree.  Each tag represents a person or a request so I thought it would be appropriate to share the remaining "tags" with you.  Would you commit to pray for one of the "tags" listed below?   (the following list is in the order they were removed from the tree at clean-up)

~ Lauren (LGH Case Manager)---works with each resident on goals, behaviors and plans for the future. Pray for wisdom, clarity and discernment
~ Donors-- protection and blessings for those that supports this ministry
~ Father of the Baby-- personal growth, clarity, wisdom, peace
~ Board Members-- energy as they lead, wisdom for the future
~ Parents of residents-- peace, comfort, growth, wisdom
~ Local Pregnancy Resource Centers-- blessing on their organization, fundraising, safety
~ Resident  "M" plans for baby and school
~ Parenting Support Group-- continues to meet the needs of the ladies, growth of the group
~ Janelle (LGH Director)--  wisdom, energy, new ideas to reach more young ladies
~ Essence (LGH Office Manager)- she schedules and supervises medical appointments, volunteers and interns
~ Volunteers-- that God prepares their heart to make an impact, energy,  discernment
~ Linda (LGH Nurse)--  leads health and prenatal classes. Pray for blessing on her teaching, safety, balance in life
~ Waiting FLS adoptive families-- peace, blessing, understanding and patience
~ Resident "R" plans for after delivery
~ Rachel (FLS Assistant Director)-- currently in the adoption process.  Pray for her growing family!
~  Jen (LGH House Manager)-- oversees the daily activities of the Home.  Pray for balance, wisdom and energy
~ Clarity in plans for the expected babies
~ FLS Foster Families-- those that provide care for the newborns until they are ready for their forever families
~ Upcoming Fundraisers-- God's blessing on how we raise funds, ideas, etc.

** LGH - Liberty Godparent Maternity Home
     FLS  - Family Life Services Adoption Agency

We hope you can join us next year for our Open House!

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  1. What an awesome idea. We will pray for a "tag".


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