Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To those that gave...

Some days I am blown away by people's giving spirit.    Yesterday was one of those days.

As I walked through the office, I noticed a box with an assortment of items that had been dropped of on Sunday.  I investigated further and was pleased to see cleaning supplies, paper towels, and other miscellaneous items.  It is here that I  must stop and give God the glory because those items were needed... and God's timing is always perfect!

According to the papers in the box, the items were collected at the Russell Springs Neighborhood 5K Fun Run/Walk last weekend.  Wow.  I will never know who gave or if they have any connection to our Home but wanted to share our appreciation.  Thank you for thinking of us and investing in our program!

To those that gave the tissues... thank you.  They may be used when a young lady learns that her future is falling apart or when tears come because she put the wrong sauce on the stir-fry.  Yes, that really happened-- pregnancy hormones are real!

To those that gave the bathroom cleaner... thank you.  You made one of our young ladies very happy as she is constantly cleaning and enjoys a sparkling, clean bathroom.

To those that gave the paper towels... thank you.  With it being flu season, we are washing hands many times in efforts of not spreading germs and keeping our expecting moms healthy.

To those that gave... thank you.  We can't operate this Home without you, your prayers and support.  Thank you.

Want to see what other items we need?  Check out our Liberty Godparent Foundation Wish List on Amazon

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

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