Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's happening at the Maternity Home... April 21, 2015 update

"I'm glad we've been so busy," a young lady just shared with another. "It's the only way I've gotten through so far.  If I wasn't so busy, it just would make me think of home too much...."

That's a very young lady who is showing more maturity in the way she looks at her life, as she prepares to be a young mother.

Here are ways these ladies have been busy for the last few weeks:
They dyed Easter Eggs with some deep, glamorous colors and also made cut-out sugar cookies with bright frostings. They enjoyed the Living Cross at Hyland Heights Baptist Church, which portrayed a beautiful Easter story drama. Someone special also donated Easter baskets to the young ladies, so it was a nice holiday.

They’ve come to appreciate these simple sweets a little more, as their week is full of regularly scheduled school, classes, appointments, chores, healthy menu's, support groups, devotions and routines. To learn more about our additional classes, visit our website at

While walking, they stopped in to see the Civil War Chaplains Museum and another day they browsed the shops downtown, including the Farmer's Markets and antique shops. 

At home, they are happy to see green leaves popping up from the garden, where they planted potatoes and spinach. We made a trip to the LU Morris Campus Garden and learned a lot about how different foods grow.

You'd be surprised and blessed to know how much the young ladies are enjoying some new experiences. And how amazed they also are at their own changes, as they begin to show evidence of new life. 

Please keep praying for them as they prepare for their future.

~Jen, for all of us at LGH