Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here we grow...

Ironic that I start this blog post with this title as “growing” is something very normal for the ladies in our program.   Well, like each one of the woman we serve, it is time for the Liberty Godparent Home to grow and step out on faith. 

This year, LGH will be launching our Mother/Baby program.  This is something new for us as we have never had the Moms return to the Home after being discharged from the hospital with her baby.  This decision wasn’t made in haste but with much planning, prayer, and discussion.  Hundreds of questions run through my mind almost daily… but I am confident that this is the direction God want us to pursue.

Having the Moms return to us after the hospital is an opportunity to help them heal after birth and transition into motherhood.  Our hope is that each Mom will have great comfort knowing that the same women who have helped her through the pregnancy will be there to support her during this important time in her life.  

So, how can you help? 
The most helpful action you can take is to pray for each Mom that comes through our doors. 

Second, it is our desire to give each parenting Mom a new diaper bag filled with items that are useful to start this journey.  These items are something that she will be able to count on and know that it is coming her way as she is making her plan.  Each bag will be have the same items as I would never want one young lady to feel as if she received less than another.  If you want to be a part of this effort to bless a Mom, please visit our Amazon Wish List to see what items we are including.

Third, consider hosting a baby shower for this new part of our ministry.  We will have many different needs as we launch this ministry and are happy to share a list with your group.

What about our Moms that choose adoption?
It is our desire to provide the same care and support for all the Moms – whether they choose an adoption or parenting plan.  LGH has partnered with Three Strands who will bless each Mom pursuing an adoption plan with a bag of items in the hospital that will help start her on her journey.

For our ladies working with Family Life Services (FLS) to pursue an adoption plan, we work closely with the FLS team to ensure that each placing Mom has the support ready for after hospital discharge.  As we have for the last few years, we will consider if LGH is a comfortable place for her to return until the placement of her child.   Whether she returns to LGH or not, she knows that we are here to support her during this stage of her journey!

Our goal is for each Mom to know she is loved and isn’t alone.  We praise God that she chose life… now let’s help her prepare for what is ahead!

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  1. I would love to throw a baby shower for these moms :). Please let me know what I can do to help.


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