Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Join the Movement... Make an Impact!

Are we pro-adoption or pro-parenting?  Actually, we are both.  Most important, we are pro-life.  

With this in mind, we educate and support our residents in whatever decision they choose for their child.  In order to do this in a manner that is balanced, we are constantly educating the team and reaching out for resources. 

A few years ago, we learned of a new organization, Bravelove, and loved their desire to change the perception of adoption.   They promote adoption by using honest, informative, and hopeful communication as they strive to reach every community with a positive adoption message.

The Liberty Godparent Home and Family Life Services were asked to be part of a video “Together We Can Make an Impact” which shows clips of individuals from all across the US that share this same goal. When you have a few moments, watch the video and I highly recommend watching minute 6:10-6:30 (wink, wink). 

If you know a young lady that is pregnant and considering an adoption plan for her child, please pass on our contact information.  Our Home is equipped to help her walk through the decision making process, help her create positive goals for the future, and ensure that she has the support to move forward in life!

Adoption is a tough decision for a birth family and the hardest decision anyone chooses to make. When I think of who birth moms are, a few words come to mind….
…. Unmeasurable love
…. Stronger than Wonder Woman
…. Brave
…. Trusting
…. Broken Hearted
…. Determined

Watch this Bravelove video.  Pass it along.  

And then give us your thoughts… when you think of a birth mom, what words come to mind?

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