Monday, December 14, 2015

The gift of LIFE!

Oh wow... we are days away from the end of the year.  I am not going to lie-- this is a super exciting time in the non-profit world as we know supporters are considering end of year donations.  A simple trip to the mailbox may just be the answer to prayer that we are waiting for God to fill.  As an organization that thrives off of the generosity of others, in advance I want to say THANK YOU.

Are you considering an end-of-year gift to the Liberty Godparent Maternity Home?  

Maybe I can share a few thoughts as you decide if or how much you are wanting to give this year.

First, we do not accept any government funding.  We strive to be good stewards of every penny that comes through the door of this Home.  That means: turning off the lights, juggling our errands in a manner that saves gas, freezing food for later, etc.  This also means that we are accountable to our donors and open to answering questions about how we use the gifts given to us.

Second, it costs about $83 a day to house a young lady.  However, your gift isn't just going into her care and future.  It is also invested into the care of the child she is carrying, providing support to her family, etc. Your gift is going to make a huge impact and go along way!

Third, we accept gifts in many different ways... and all are tax-deductible.  You can simple mail a check, make a donation online, or purchase items.  (We do have an Amazon list for those that aren't in driving distance) In whatever way you give, we are thankful!

If you do plan on giving a financial gift, check to see if your company will double or even triple your contribution by taking advantage of your employer's matching gift program.

Maybe you can't give a financial gift the year.  That's ok.  We need prayer warriors!  We need people to pray for our residents-- that they will have clarity of mind, good health, and feel the unconditional love within these walls.  Pray for our team-- that we are equipped for every situation, that we have the energy needed for each day, and that our feet will be exactly where God wants them at all times.  Pray for our donors-- that God lays it on their hearts to give so that lives can continue to be saved and changed.  Pray for our Board-- that God will bless them with incredible vision and wisdom for our ministry.  Pray for those moms that have been impacted by our Home, the children that are growing, and that the Holy Spirit stays close to them through the good and bad days.

Merry Christmas!

Need our mailing address?
124 Liberty Mountain Dr.
Lynchburg Va 24502

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