Thursday, January 7, 2016

Education is Key!

Over the last few months, the LGH team has been evaluating how to better equip each resident to reach their educational goals.  With the strong resources in our community, I knew that we would be able to grow our educational program to bring on even more successes.

As it currently stands, the residents have been enrolled in online schooling through Liberty University Online Academy.  The LGH classroom is monitored by the houseparent and school work is graded by a teacher off-sight.  For some of our residents, this plan worked well while others struggled to stay focused or learn how to navigate online schooling.

Starting Jan 19, the LGH students will be attending Liberty Christian Academy Alternative School.  The set-up is pretty amazing as they will be able to leave the Home during normal school hours while still being able to receive the same LGH support services during the day without any issues.  This means that we have the flexibility to pull them out of class time for counseling and medical appointments, while providing an even stronger team to help each young lady.  This also means that they will be able to continue with online schooling but under the supervision of a licensed teacher right beside them to assist with any questions or tutoring. One of the best parts about this plan is that with the support of donors, we will be able to offer this opportunity free of charge to our residents.

We are excited for our young ladies and look forward to celebrating as they reaches their education goals!